Secure your European passport

Without relocating

Secure EU citizenship for your family with a returns-focused €500,000 investment

Regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM)

Do you qualify?

Portugal’s Golden Visa

Europe's premier residence by investment program

The Portuguese Government offers residency when you invest €500k in an approved investment fund and visit Portugal for only 7 days per year

A family visa. Gain EU citizenship for your children, partner & parents

The only EU Golden Visa that doesn't require relocating your life

The only EU Golden Visa that enables full citizenship within 5 years

Why Pela Terra?

A safer path to EU citizenship

Safety First

Sustainable agriculture investments safeguard your capital

Track Record

Launched Portugal's first & largest agriculture fund


Our Concierge Service will assist you every step of the way


Pela Terra investments serve Portugal, the environment and you

Financial Return

Targeting an annual dividend payment as well as your full capital returned with appreciation *

Pela Terra In Numbers

Assets under management
Trees planted last year
Hectares in the fund
People assisted through Golden Visa process

Pela Terra II: Regenerate is the largest low-risk agricultural fund to date, targeting a fund raise of €100m

Agriculture is a safe-haven asset class renowned for protecting investors against inflation and economic recession

The fund targets agricultural assets that generate predictable annual income but also appreciate consistently over time

For a fund seeking low-risk investments, the strategy enables robust financial returns* with exceptionally low volatility, while contributing to a more sustainable future

*Investments are subject to market fluctuations; capital is at risk; target returns can not be guaranteed

"With a proven track record, Pela Terra is the most commercial option on the market"
The Telegraph (UK), May 2024

Join 12,000+ families enjoying the freedom to work, travel & live in Europe


In the 18 months we have been invested with Pela Terra, their communication and transparency has been very good... If I had to do it over again, I would make the same choice


Equities Investor

Chicago, USA

We invested in Pela Terra last year... we support the fund’s theme of using organic farmland to produce healthy food for Portugal. The managers were ethical & experienced


General Counsel

San Francisco, USA

I loved the idea of my children growing up with the freedom of a second passport. I've always loved Europe, and Pela Terra seem to be a force for good in Portugal. It all added up!


Marketing Executive

London, UK

Create Your Legacy With A Family Visa

A Golden Visa enables European citizenship that is then passed through the generations of your family

You can include all of the following on your visa:

Your spouse / life partner

Your children

Your parents (if financially dependent on you)

Will your grandchildren go to university in Italy or France?

A Gateway To Europe

Enjoy visa-free travel across the 27 countries of Europe. Forever

Work from Brussels

Have your children study in Paris

Retire In Spain

Pela Terra Executive Team

Managed by an experienced team with a proven track record, Pela Terra operates under the regulation of CMVM - the Portuguese stock market regulator

Nathan Hadlock

Previously a Silicon Valley engineer specialising in soil technology

Alex Lawry-White

Previously in real estate finance and social entrepreneurship in London

Regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM)

Is A Golden Visa The Best Choice For Me?

Golden Visas are perfect for investors seeking a second passport or EU citizenship, without relocating

Those who relocate to Portugal can achieve residency without making an investment through other visas

A Golden Visa is a good fit for those who meet the following criteria:

I do not want to relocate to Portugal for now
(non-investment visas are better for those who live in Portugal)

I am able to meet the minimum investment of €500,000

Golden Visas For Good

Pela Terra was founded to make Golden Visas a force for good in the world

Your investment works hard for...

The environment

Portuguese citizens

Your family

Impact Strategy

Our strategy is to nurture the soil, reduce chemical use and promote biodiversity on all agricultural investments

Healthy soil sequesters carbon, holds more water and produces healthier food. Which means healthier people

100% of capital invested in rural, under-developed regions of Portugal

The Pela Terra Concierge Experience

When you invest with Pela Terra, you become part of the family. We assist you with every step of the process to ensure an easy & seamless experience

Fast-tracked application

Having helped hundreds of people through this process we can support a swift and successful application process

1:1 Concierge service

You will receive personalised support from Pela Terra. We are never more than a phone call away

Best in class legal support

A network of highly vetted immigration lawyers provide best-in-class support to our clients


What does citizenship through investment mean?

“Citizenship through Investment” is the name give to government-lead programs in which foreign investors gain access to citizenship in a new country by investing a specified amount into that country for a specified period of time.

What are the main benefits of the Golden Visa?

The Portuguese government supply each of your family members with Golden Visas when you make an investment. This gives you the freedom to live and work in Portugal, as well as to travel throughout other Schengen countries.

The Golden Visa is extremely flexible - although you are immediately entitled to move to Portugal if you want to, you are not obliged to. In fact, you can spend as little as 7 days per year in Portugal, if you would rather live elsewhere.

After as little as 5 years, your family is eligible for Portuguese passports, at which point you become citizens of the Schengen Area - the largest free-movement-of-people zone in the world.

How much investment is required in order to qualify for the Golden Visa?

The investment required into a Portuguese fund is €500,000. There will also be fees applied to the government immigration agency, totaling approximately €20,000. We can provide a detailed breakdown of exactly how this will apply in your case.

How long does the process usually take?

Assuming your documents are in order, approval for your Golden Visa can take several months.

We can also help by connecting you with lawyers who will guide you all the way through the application process.

How is the fund managed and regulated?

Pela Terra Farmland II is fully managed by STAG Management SCR SA. The fund is fully regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM).