Pela Terra

The Green Golden Visa

Invest in the world’s most stable asset class - farmland.

The Pela Terra Farmland Fund provides residency in Portugal for North Americans, along with your spouse and children.

At fund maturity your family can apply for Portuguese passports, providing absolute freedom throughout the Schengen Area.

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Innovating for Golden Visas

Historically, Citizenship through Investment programs were chained to real estate.

Investors suffered risk from boom & bust in speculative markets and paid huge taxes & commissions which absorbed profit.

Communities suffered social inequality, artificially inflated house prices, and vast carbon emissions through intensive construction of empty properties.

Now investors can combat climate change, protect our soil, secure long-term jobs, food security and biodiversity, all with the same investment used to achieve new citizenship.

A best-in-class route to a Golden Visa in Portugal.​

If you’re looking for a sound investment which grants you residency in Europe, while working for environmental progress, then you’re looking for us.

The Pela Terra Farmland Fund acquires quality farmland. We lease the land to large farm operators who focus on sustainable, long-term crop production.

  1. Investments are 100% asset-backed by the world’s most stable asset class
  2. Rent collected enables annual dividends* for investors
  3. Land value appreciation enables a maturity payout* once application for Passports is complete


Quick Visa
Quick VisaApproval Procedure
€500,000Minimum Investment
Family Visas
Family VisasDependents included
DividendsAnnual Payout*
Low-volatilitySteadfast asset class
ESG Fund
ESG FundSocial Impact Investment

*Portuguese financial regulation states that we are not allowed to guarantee returns - all investments are subject to risk. We calculate a 5% annual dividend from rent collection and project a conservative 2% per year in land appreciation, leading to a blended total of 7% APY.

You can’t buy the world, but your kids will surely own it.


What does citizenship through investment mean?

“Citizenship through Investment” is the name give to government-lead programs in which foreign investors gain access to citizenship in a new country by investing a specified amount into that country for a specified period of time.

What are the main benefits of the Golden Visa?

The Portuguese government supply each of your family members with Golden Visas when you make an investment. This gives you the freedom to live and work in Portugal, as well as to travel throughout other Schengen countries.

The Golden Visa is extremely flexible - although you are immediately entitled to move to Portugal if you want to, you are not obliged to. In fact, you can spend as little as 7 days per year in Portugal, if you would rather live elsewhere.

After as little as 5 years, your family is eligible for Portuguese passports, at which point you become citizens of the Schengen Area - the largest free-movement-of-people zone in the world.

How much investment is required in order to qualify for the Golden Visa?

The investment required into a Portuguese fund is only €500,000. There will also be fees applied to the government immigration agency, totaling approximately €20,000. We can provide a detailed breakdown of exactly how this will apply in your case.

How long does the process usually take?

Assuming you have your documents, the Portuguese government approval for the Golden Visa program takes around four weeks.

If you need, we can help by connecting you with lawyers to guide you through the application process. If you prefer, you can also research and select your own lawyers. We’d be happy to answer any questions on the phone.

How is the fund managed and regulated?

Pela Terra Farmland Fund is fully managed by STAG Management SCR SA. The fund is fully regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Authority (CMVM).

Green is the new Gold

In the past, investors had no option but to access Golden Visas through real estate investments. Recent events have shown the unstable nature of property markets all over the world.

Not only can you now access a cheaper route to a GV through our fund but you're also now free to keep your investment within a stable asset.

Population growth means crop demands will double over the next 30 years. Why not protect your investment and grow your profits in farmland - an asset with a long and steady rising tide - while it earns your family European citizenship?